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Marijuana Laws in Nevada

Consumption of marijuana was illegal in Nevada until November 8th, 2016 when the lawmakers lifted the ban. The legalization of marijuana in Nevada was highly attributed to studies from reputable medical researchers which show the medicinal benefits of marijuana concentrates. Every state that has authorized the use of marijuana has its rules and regulations and here are some of the laws that govern the consumption of marijuana in Nevada.

In Nevada, recreational marijuana is officially legal for users who are 21 years and above who have a valid government-issued ID, passport or driver’s license Of Nevada. Those who are under the legal age in Nevada are allowed to possess a medical marijuana card under authorization a Minor Release Form that is signed by a parent or guardian.

There are a few advantages of possessing a medical card. You can access a wide range of marijuana products that exceed the standard quantities of marijuana components . When you buy recreational marijuana, you will not be charged the retail exercise if you have a medical marijuana card. The doctors who diagnose you and provide a report to show how helpful marijuana products will get your health condition for your application of medical marijuana card to go through.

If you are a patient who needs marijuana products in Nevada, you’re allowed to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana products within fourteen days. The law of Nevada allows recreational sales of up to an ounce of marijuana or ? of an ounce for concentrates like wax, crumble, shatter, and oils. The dispensaries are not allowed to keep information about recreational buyers of marijuana, but they have to keep a record of medical buyers. The stores that sell marijuana products are authorized by the local governments to operate within specific time limits.

The cops of Nevada will rub shoulders with you if they find you driving under the influence of marijuana. Seal marijuana products in containers and keep them away from the driver and passenger if you are transporting them. You will have to face the law if you transport marijuana products outside the boundaries of Nevada regardless of whether the distance that allows or prohibits the consumption of marijuana.

There are qualifications that people should meet before they are allowed to cultivate cannabis in Nevada . Those who want to cultivate marijuana should only do so for medicinal purposes, and they should also leave within 25 miles circumference near a dispensary.

You cannot consume marijuana products in public when you’re in Nevada. You can find a hotel, bar, club, pub or casino that has designated areas for smoking and vaping marijuana products. If you’re smoking cannabis in your room you should not leave stash lying around because housekeepers of the hotel can report you to the authorities.

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