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Signs and Symptoms of Phallus Disorders

Now that most men will measure their virility by looking at the functionality and size of their phallus, they will want to keep it as healthy as possible. Size is not the best determinant of a healthy phallus. There are some factors that you must consider when you are a man so that you can be sure of a healthy phallus. There are those disorders that are minor, and once you have not attended to them you will suffer a lot. This site has listed those signs and symptoms that are associated with the phallus disorders.

The erectile dysfunction is one of the signs. This is common for those middle-aged men who are about forty years or so. You will realize that this disorder can be caused by so many factors for instance stress. Things like obesity and also high blood pressure play a very big role in causing this kind of phallus disorder.

Second, the Peyronie’s disease which results from a scar that occurs inside the phallus of a man. You will never have your phallus erect and remain straight with such a disorder, it must face in a particular direction. This is a phallus disorder that that does not alter with your sex schedule as everything will run smoothly. When not corrected, it can easily lead to the erectile dysfunction disease. It will need surgery if you assume this condition and it goes to advanced stages.

You can also develop an infection at the end of your phallus, and this is called Balanitis. You will find that the disorder is very common in men who are not yet circumcised since they will always have a larger foreskin. Fromm time to time you will realize that there are those germs and dirt that will cause infections to the phallus tip.

Fourth, there is the priapism where you will find a man erecting more than it is normal and it is a serious phallus disorder. Most of these erections end up being so painful and the person will feel very hurt and uncomfortable. Now that be erection occurs on its own, you will be ashamed when it happens in public In the event of sex, a man will undergo a lot of pain since the erection of their phallus will be long and finally it can lead to great disappointments when you are in the act of sex. Treatment from the professionals will be the thing that you need to seek immediately once you have noticed this phallus disorders in men.

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