Egyptian costume_ what to wear in Egypt?

Are you planning to make a trip to Egypt and also curious about your Egyptian costume? You should be…

Egypt is an ancient country lubricated with its old history and most famous tourist’s place for adventures too. As well as it’s a wonderful country it has hot climate too. Although, the main thing is not to consider its climate, it is the combination of hot climate with Egyptian costume. As being the Muslim country or Muslim culture it is little difficult to decide about clothing for travel especially in warm weather.

Most of the visitors asking about this question frequently that “what to wear in Egypt?” according to Egyptian costume for women is considered conservatively the other countries such as western code of dressing and it’ll be honored to obey this code. But for men, it’s not an issue. They can wear normal clothes but at some of the specific places they need to consider their dressing too.

Wondering! what to wear in Egypt

First of all, consider which spot you are going to visit; it will help you to decide about your dressing. There are few places in Egypt where if you are living with other western people, women can easily get away with their western dresses, although you may still garner some unwanted attention if you are uncovered.

Men could wear short trousers in Egypt? Can they wear sleeveless tops or T-shirts? Weather, yes or no! Infect there is no specific Egyptian costume for men tourists. Egypt has Christian and Muslim majority so they wear smartly loose shirts and long trousers, are rather conservative.

In the cities such as Cairo, people didn’t feel comfortable if they see any man clothing shorts or T-shirts. In the sea-side or deserts like Sham-El-Sheikh it will consider good to walk in shorts and T-shirts for men.

Preface of Egypt weather

Egypt is basically a hot country that’s more than 90% area is deserted and remain hot throughout the year. There are just sandstorms and rarely rain just two to three times in a year. The sun extremely intense in every season you visit and the temperature goes 86°F in its peak time. But one good thing is it has very low humidity that is the reason it wouldn’t feel as hot as its temperature is actually. So, cotton or light fabric would be good to wear loose trousers, full-sleeves shirt, a hat and sneakers or joggers in deserts. In winter from November to March are much cool almost around 10 to 25 ° F, But still you need not over dressing.

Cultural sensitivity about Egyptian costume

Egypt typically hot especially when you book Cheap Holidays to Egypt you travel toward south…. Luxor, Abu Simbel, Aswan etc are more traditional other than cities. So, it would be good if you wear smart cotton fabric clothes with full sleeves (or just covered shoulder is ok) and loose trousers, instead of wearing tank-tops or shorts. However, if you do wear a tank-top, you should put another shirt on it to cover the tightness of the shirt or cover your shoulders.

So, the main subject is here the women dressing code other than men. Adopting the conservatively Egyptian costume is best to wear that will hopefully deflect the unwanted attention from Egyptian men that is desirable for every woman. Their cultural female dressing code is cotton/linen fabric with loose trousers and smart shirts with scarf or dupattas. If you do wear skirts it should be under the knees or should avoid low necks. Dressing according to the place or adventure will be a great idea to avoid problems. Tight clothes and transparent blouses should be avoided. Pant or jeans are not welcomed in most of the places and will draw attention or comments from Egyptian men.

There are few places where tourists should be sensitivity conservative about their dressing code and should try Egyptian costume rather than western. All of the mosques of Egypt, nobody allow to come in with shoes. Muslims come to offer their prayers in mosques and remove their shoes at the entering of mosques, so why should a tourist different be? Your body should be completely covered; women cover their heads with scarf. Therefore, it should be helpful if you observe the conservative code of dress mentioned below before entering in any mosque.

Dressing Ideas for tourists

1.   Best Fabric

It’ll be great if you have quickly dried and very light stuff of fabric. Egyptians mostly use cotton or linen stuff of fabric for clothing that is friendly in hot weather to keep you comfortable. 

1.  Scarf

Wrapping heads with Hijab is not essential for tourists. However, if people find you just make an effort to cover your head with scarf, they really appreciate. You will need a scarf while visiting any mosque.

1.     Ccouples of t-shirts

Tank-tops are not allowed to wear at any place and that’s really irritating in hot weather due to its sticky fabric. Therefore, it will be comfortable if you wear a smart shirt otherwise wearing another shirt on tank-top is good idea. T-shirts are allowed in deserts but not in cities, people will not feel comfortable. At least a smart looking top, a T-shirt and blouse will be good idea to wear.

1.   Jeans

Jeans, even skinny jeans are ok in Egypt, if you wore a long shirt/skirt to pair with them. Many of the women wear jeans with tunic type full sleeved long shirts with jeans that covered their bums.

1.   Leggings with sundress

There is no reason not to get your favorite dress with you to Egypt even that’s not a big task to wear in Egypt but again with sleeved top and loose trouser. It’ll be pretty good to see, if you just covered your full body along with scarf to head.

1.   Swimming suit

Swimming suits are only allow to the “private beaches or resorts” not at local beach areas. If you do visit any beach, you will find all women in their local Egyptian costume and rarely swims. So, just use your swimming suits at private beach or resorts and cover up with another shirt at.

1.   Shoes to wear

Locals wear leather shoes, the best according to the environment. Again there is a conflict among Egyptian costume and hot weather, so it is really tough to backpack for travel. You will find temples on ground, pyramids in deserts, quite sandy areas between the rocks and roads alongside the mud. Therefore, choosing sneakers, flip-flops and comfortable light walking shoes will be good idea to walk on hot sand in deserts.

Having travel to Egypt from cities to historical places, there are different category of Egypt costume because of their culture and weather. You should be more conscious of being covered all your tour to Egypt, that would be really appreciative from Egyptians. Following rules and dressing codes according to the countries you visiting reasons to make you more respectful (having adopt their culture, even its not essential), comfortable and enjoyable tour. Read more about Egypt travel tips before you travel to Egypt