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Sterling Silver Care: Cleaning Your 925 Silver Properly

Sterling silver jewelry are one of the most popular fashion accessories nowadays. They mostly attract the teenagers, and especially among the girls. The popularity of sterling silver jewelry is clearly extensive. Because of this, you can determine right away if the jewelries is made of sterling silver because it has a 925 silver mark placed on them. However, there is one issue with these silver jewelries: they got tarnished. A lot of people want to buy these silver jewelries, but they tend to keep themselves from buying it because they do not know how to properly maintain these jewelry items.

The appearance of these silvers is flawlessly white as well as shiny in its early stage. As time goes on, it will soon look dirtier, causing to the loss of its bling. You should do your best to avoid the tarnish to accumulate on your 925 silver jewelry by making sure that you clean and wear them frequently. The simplest and viable means of maintaining the beauty of your 925 silver jewelry is to wear them as much as you can; though it may sound weird but it is the truth. After every use, make sure that you clean your sterling silver jewelry with a soft piece of cloth and keep it in an airtight plastic pouch or container, and away from the light.

To help lessen how fast your jewelries gets affected from damage or scratches, it is important to keep your jewelries made from silver inside cloths or bags that are soft to keep them from getting tarnish. These kind of bags or cloths prevents the jewelry made form sterling silver from rubbing with the other harder and bigger jewelries which can leave a scratch to it. It is also essential that you keep them in places that are dry and not warm. Moreover, avoid putting a number of silver ornaments, especially those with beads on them, is one cloth to ensure that they do not scratch each other.

Additionally, make sure that you keep you jewelries from touching chemical substances like ammonia or bleaching agents. Using products like ammonia, acetone, alcohol, and other such products can damage your 925 silver beyond repair. Instead, use a mild cleaner and make sure that you dilute them with water first. There are home products you can utilize for cleaning your silver jewelries such as the trusty baking soda, commercial silver cleaners and non-abrasive toothpaste. Finally, choose wisely the brushes you will use and brush your jewelry in up and down motion, and not in circular motion. The best brushes you should check out are those with soft bristle or baby tooth brushes because it won’t scratch your sterling silver.