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These Simple Ways Will Help You Look like a Movie Star

If you are unhappy with the way you to look lately and are looking for ways to change and look confident there are some effective ways that you can adopt to dress like a celebrity. You use small fractions of each to balance the sleeves, hemlines and shoes. With this you can make or break your dress code, as a result, you need to be conscious on what you are doing.

Adopting the monochromatic fashion is also another way to dress like a celebrity. You will be able to divert your onlooker’s attention to your shoes, hand bag or hairstyle. Alternatively you can choose to mix patterns and prints. This may not be easy however when matched together, but it blends well if you have iconic outfits like movie jackets. Here you link two pattern types of the same base of color. A good example is dressing in a white stripped long blouse with a skinny black trouser.

For a long coat or sweater, you can match it with a short skirt to get the fashion outlook. In this case, you will be ensuring that you are wearing a long coat or sweater than the dress or skirt. Your dress or skirt could be one colored, and your coat or sweater should be extra long. Ensure that you attract your onlookers with the color, pattern and fabric that your coat has because it is what most people look at when they meet you outside. For that casual look you can wear a colored big puffer coat or a short fur coat both which can make a decent fashion statement.

Celebrities enjoy when their colors are popping out from others. What this means is that your outfits can make eyes pop out with simple outstanding colors like red heels, a shirt and jeans. Accessories owned by celebrities which make a statement and they proudly rock them. It is simple to copy all because you just need to select a few accessories and match them with simple fashion pieces. You should know that less is more when you decide to make a statement using your accessories.

Wearing boots that are over the knee is a good way to show off. Most movie stars and celebrities commonly wear them. The reason behind it is that they go easily well with most fashions. This makes sure that heads will turn at how simple your outfit is. To dress like a celebrity money is not a factor all you need is this guide to help you work towards achieving the fashion that will give you your ordinary look.