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Understanding the Medical Misdiagnosis and How to Prevent It

As the research that was carried by the Mayo clinic around twenty percent of the American citizen suffering from the severe illness the root cause of the disease is a medical misdiagnosis. Each year we have about twenty million instances of medical malpractice whereby patients are misdiagnosed. Medical misdiagnosis is one of the medical malpractice that has serious consequences such as death, severe injuries and delayed or improper treatment. When the doctor tells you that you are healthy after diagnosing you while else you are sick is a type of medical malpractice known as medical misdiagnosis. Another form of medical malpractice in medical misdiagnosis is when the doctor makes an error and gives the incorrect or delayed diagnosis results. The doctor engages in medical malpractice when they misdiagnosis their patient and say that the patient is suffering from a particular disease and they are suffering from the other disease.

The relationship between the doctor and the patient is one of the contributors to the medical malpractice of misdiagnosing. The doctor should know their patient inside out, there should be no secrete between you and your doctor and in case of any secrete misdiagnosis occurs. The amount of time that one is allocated during the appointment can lead to medical malpractice. You as the patient you need to have enough time to express how you feel to the doctor, but most of the doctors will not give ample time to explain your condition. The doctor also has several appointments in a day, and some of the patients may come with literally similar symptoms, and the doctor may use symptoms from the previous patient to diagnosis you. With the severe results that this medical malpractice have there are certain measures that you need to take that will ensure that you will not suffer from the misdiagnosis again. The article will have some of the measures that you need to take to prevent medical malpractice from happening.

Express all the suffering that you have to the doctor because they need to know everything. Maintain good communication with the doctor because it is through the communication the doctor gets the information needed to make an analysis. The doctor needs to know all about your condition when you are talking to them give them all your sufferings. The doctor should have it a movie through what you are telling them.

Two or more diagnosis results showing the same thing cannot be a misdiagnosis. To clear the doubts, you should have another opinion from another doctor.