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A Simple Guide on Understanding the Difference Between Hosting and Domain
Creating a website involves the use of several terminologies that one must understand before resuming the project. Understanding the difference between domain vs hosting is one of the most significant steps in the process before one eventually sets things up. Discussed below are some of the crucial aspects that people need to understand about the two major concepts.

For anyone that may be asking themselves what hosting is, they should first note that web hosting refers to the place where all their files within the website are held. It is also evident for everyone to have a reliable web hosting company by their side when creating their website as it assures them of an effectively working domain all through to the end. The simplest way to understand the two concepts is to think of the domain as the address and hosting as the actual home where the address is attached and every website on the internet needs to be alive and work normally with no issues or challenges. Every time one types in the domain name, it is usually translated into the IP address of the web hosting company and the web host holds all the files on the website and sends them back to the computer user’s browser for them to see it. The primary job of the web hosting company is to store and service the variety of websites and one can thus find an assortment of different plans as well as storage levels at varying price points in the end. Hosting companies use servers to store as well as to access all the website’s files and one pays a set cost in return for using their server which also varies from monthly payments to annual ones and more. The great news is that the market offers countless offers and discounts that one can use in the market today.

The domain is simply the business name and home base which is just the type of URL that website users type into the browser to access the website in the end. In the simplest terms, the domain is just the .com that one uses when accessing the website while the internet is the group of computers that are connected via a string random numbers called IP addresses. Think of the internet as a giant of network of computers connected to each other via cables with an IP address which is a series of numbers separated by dots for easy identification.