Traveling to the Big Apple

Going into New York City for a day, a weekend, or longer is always exciting. Whether individuals, couples, or families decide to visit, there are numerous Things to Do in New York. Planning ahead is wise so the most important sights or activities for those going can be taken in during the time limit. Having no plans can get overwhelming to the point that some events or places may get missed.


The first element to decide on is how much money will be spent. This is important because prices in the city range from free to hundreds of dollars per ticket for some Broadway shows. When a budget is determined, go online to see what tickets or entrance fees will cost. There are cruises, for example, that range in price depending on whether there are stops at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty or if people simply want to circle these landmarks from the deck of the boat.


It is wise to visit New York via bus or plane. Driving is possible, but parking will be difficult to find, and it will be expensive. Taxis are expensive as well. Those who are not able to book a bus tour or go as a group with special rates will want to review maps and subway routes in advance. Plan on the city being crowded at all hours of the day and night, and plan travel time accordingly. It is known as the City that never sleeps for excellent reasons.

Book Accommodations Early

Hotels can sell out fast, especially if there is an event or convention in town. Getting to the city and hoping to find an available room when tired is likely to fail as a plan. Booking ahead of time will also save money. Many hotels will offer low rates for those who book rooms directly on their websites instead of sites that book hotels across the country. Compare deals to get the best possible pricing.

More Fun Less Stress

A bit of advanced planning will ensure that everyone has fun without any undue stress. Keep in mind that there are endless things to do so some places may have to be seen or done on the next trip.