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What You Need to Know about Hoof Trimming Chutes.

Dairy cows are always a big investment. However, you have the responsibility to ensure your cows are healthy for maximum production. Through hoof trimming, however, you will maintain and happy and healthy dairy herd. Nowadays, however, modern handling equipment help to perform hoof trimming efficiently while observing the comfort of the cows. This has become possible through hoof trimming chute. With these hoof trimmers, lameness has been minimized in dairy cattle.

Normally, dairy cows walk or remain standing for quite some time. On average, a dairy cow would cover 3-4 km a day. There would extra pressure on the hooves from the weight. Such wear and tear on the hooves can cause abnormal hoof growth. Additional problems may occur in hoof care is not done which could lead to damaged hooves or diseases.

It is, however, possible to minimize such problems through hoof trimming. Traditional way of doing hoof trimming is not usually easy. It was also uncomfortable for the cow and not very efficient. With the modern chutes, you enhance the comfort of the cows. There is also more efficiency with trimming chutes.

You should, however, consider buying these modern trimmers since you will get hoof trimming chutes for sale. If you leave unchecked hoofs, lameness and injuries would occur. When such happens, there is more frustration and anxiety for the farmer. When injuries and lameness occur it becomes distressing and production goes down which become unprofitable. When you keep your cows comfortable through modern hoof trimming technology you promote good health and productivity.

Hoof care is very important for dairy cattle. When you don’t have the appropriate handling equipment, hoof trimming would not be easy. Hoof trimming chutes help simplify the work and helps enjoy additional benefits. There are also additional advantages when you perform hoof trimming.

1. Protect the cattle from injuries and lameness.

When hoof trimming is done properly, lameness and injuries are avoided. You can, however, avoid such lameness and injuries when chutes are used for hoof trimming. When properly done, hoof trimming restores the hooves to the right balance to prevent undue pressure on any part. Properly trimmed hooves will be able to support the cow’s weight perfectly.

2. Improved milk production.

According to various studies, there is maximum yield from cows that are healthy and happy. However, lame and injured cows will have their production lowered. Milking lame cows would also be difficult. However, regular hoof trimming ensures the cows are comfortable and free of injuries.

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