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A List of Items to Keep In a Purse
A purse is more than a last-minute fashion accessory as they are portable storing spaces so that a person can have everything they need on a go. So that a person does not have a bag full of clatter, it is best that they decide on what they would need when they are packing. Prioritizing can be tough when a person is not sure and that is why the list of what to keep in the purse are below.
Wallet, phone and keys are crucial items for modern day life and hence they should always be in a purse. For the phone to not get lost it is best it is kept in the smaller compartment and the wallet placed in the purse where it fits well. A person should find phone cases that fit easily in the purse and when choosing a case they should make sure it protects the phone. It is also good for a person to have travel pack tissues and toiletries for instance they should have a small pack of tissues, pads or tampons, sunscreen, Vaseline and even sanitizer as they are usually a life saver when a person is traveling. In the purse, there should always be pack mints and chewing gums so that a person can avoid after lunch any awakward run-ins.
It is best for a person to have makeup bag in their means because it means that they are always prepared for last minute meetings or dinner parties. When traveling, a person may not know when they will face a bad weather, a wardrobe malfunction or unexpected trip to the gym and hence it is best that they have elastic hair bands and hair brush in their purse. A healthy snack and water bottle is very essential and should be kept in the purse because when a person is running errands all day they need to stay hydrated and energized. To keep the purse clean, it is good that a person zip-lock the bags to contain the crumbs if a person stores a selection of snacks.
Over the counter painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets should be carried as they are important for when disaster strikes. A person can be able to stay focused and organized when they have a planner, notebook and a pen hence they should be in the purse. If a person has a big purse it is best that they get to carry a book or a tablet as a form of entertainment that will keep them occupied but if they have a small purse they should ensure their phone is loaded with games or podcast. It is crucial for a person to have with them safety items even though they may not use them.

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