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How the City Can be More Accommodating to the Disabled Citizens.

Take a moment to think about how life would be for you if you had a disability. In the absence of your arms, how will meal preparation look like? Ask yourself how you would be handling meal preparation if your arms were not attached to your body. Also, how would you get around when you are stuck in a wheelchair. Those are quite scary thoughts for all able-bodied people. However, life is very different for the disabled because there is the issue of deciding how they will deal with the curveballs thrown at them. In matters to do with making life easier for the disabled, there is quite a lot the local government can do and even city planners. It would be a lot of help if there were curb raps. Many people choose to walk around the city. However, the city planners forget those in wheelchairs in such a case. Curb ramps would make it easy for this population to move around town without the use of buses or even cars. This would not cost the city much but it will be life changing for the disabled citizens. Also, having ramps on public transportation is essential. Gaps exist when you want to enter the metro or the bus. This is not possible for those who are in a wheelchair or even having prosthetic limbs. The presence of automatic ramps would make life very easy for those who are disabled.

When it comes to the use of the bathroom, every human being has to heed to the call. Therefore, assisted-use toilets should be a human right. It is wrong to require someone to control bathroom trips based on disability. The disabled citizens should be able to access the bathroom as easily as any other person. It is important for city planners and also building owners to put this into consideration when it comes to implementing policies. People who are disabled can also benefit from everyday items if they are adjusted to accommodate their needs. Things as the height of the counters at various businesses, the handle of the front door and getting out of the elevator are a clear example. This may not mean much to the able-bodied but for the disabled citizens, it is a huge deal.

Just because the disability cannot be seen does not be it is not there. There are people who have a hearing and also visual disabilities too. This will take more time but it is worth it. You need to consider aspects like background noise as well as the location before you effect such a change. For more information about how the city can be changed for the disabled citizens, you can check here.