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Top Ten All-Time Australian Celeb’s Weddings

On an annual basis, 100,000 couples tie the know in Australia. Australian celebs go over and beyond in their wedding, read more here. For many years, they host incredible wedding receptions and ceremonies throughout the country. Read on to know ten unforgettable Australian weddings.
Australian celebs do not have to get into debts during their wedding plans. Instead, they have more than enough to ensure their wedding goes right. It took Chriss Judd and Rebecca Twigley seven years to clear their debt as they went above and beyond in spending for their wedding, read more here.
The wedding between Jimmy Bartel and Nadia Coppolino was held at the Bellarine Peninsula, and it was an outdoor wedding. J’Aton Couture is the designer who designed Nadia’s gown; he is renowned as he previously worked with Beyonce.
For Ned O’Neil and Deborah Symonds planned a weekend wedding. The wedding gown worn by Deborah Symonds cost a partly $200,000, and the wedding guests were only 100.
For Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell, they decided to keep their wedding plans under wraps and only invited family and friends. They did spend a lot of money even if their wedding was a hushed one. Jesinta’s wedding gown was designed by the renowned Vera Wang.
Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster had a more intimate wedding unlike Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell. Only that Hamish and Zoe invited only 20 guests, read more here. Despite the few numbers of people invited for the wedding, Zoe later described their wedding as the best, perfect and fun-filled day of their lives.
According to Sebastian Maximilian and Chloe Morello their “How we met” story is a crazy one. They held their wedding in a sea deck ship where they said their nuptials before 150 guests after starting their chat on an app. Her wedding gown was designed by renowned Steven Khalil.
In New South Wales, Peter Stefanovic and Sylvia Jeffreys made headlines with their wedding even if their speciality is to cover the news. Thiers was a classic wedding and made headline news.
It dawned on Simon Chalmers and Bianca Cheah that even on their wedding day they could not control even the weather. They had the best time even if it rained on their wedding day. According to Cheah, the rain made their wedding day more magical, read more here.
Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy kept their wedding under wraps. They waited after done with the wedding and the reception and announced it on social media. Going by the photos, they seemed to have had a breath taking wedding.
Even if the wedding between Dan Single and Bambi Northwood-Blyth lasted only four years they still got a spot in the Australian celeb weddings. Many other celebs attended the wedding held in Byron Bay. To know more about Australian wedding venues, read more here.