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Step By Step Guide on Child Adoption

Have you ever thought about child adoption process? Most people are not conversant with the procedure, and they tend to think that it is a sophisticated process. Although there is a guideline for child adoption, it is not complex, and this article elaborates it.

If you have attained 18 years, then you can start the child adoption process. You should have a residence; your home or you can rent a place, but your marital status is not an important consideration for child adoption. Have children or being childless is not an issue but what matters is that you are willing to be a caring foster parent. You can either choose between a public and private agency to help you follow the child adoption process. If you choose to undertake child adoption through a public agency, you will get children who are already in the foster care system, and they are a bit older, and some of them might have physical or psychological disabilities. The private agencies are appropriate if you want to adopt a child as soon as possible because they are fast although they are expensive.

Home study – This is the initial step of child adoption, and it entails scrutinizing the home environment and giving an opinion on whether it is suitable or not. You will have to give relevant information which might include personal details, medical reports, history of marriages and divorces, criminal records and financial statements. Further, you will present three references who will also have to fill some questionnaires to provide more information. After completing the forms, the licensor will request to meet you at least twice at your residence so that he can ascertain whether the place meets the requirements. During his visit, he will chat with family members to gain a better understanding of the place.

Choosing a child, visitation, and placement – If you go through past the home study, then you should get ready to welcome a child. You are at liberty to choose the child you want for adoption, or you can let the agency do it on your behalf. You will schedule meetings with the child at neutral grounds where the child feels secure and comfortable. This might go on for a couple of weeks, and if you get along fine, you can make the visitation regular and let your home be the venue. Later, the child will permanently move into your home.

Legal finalization of adoption – It is not over when you start living with the child. Legal finalization sums up the process and makes you an official foster parent. Within the first 60 days, your social worker will fill a post-placement report. You will collect more details from various family members that touch on their mental and health conditions. If the report is approved by the child adoption authorities, you will be given a consent to adopt which is legally binding. Your social worker and attorney will assist you to get ready all the necessary documents to complete the process at the court. Find a competent law firm such as Ashby Law to help you in the child adoption process.