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DUI Charge Dodge By Hugo M After Ex-City Worker Fatally Harmed

DJ Hugo M crashed his BMW in downtown Miami and authorities verified cocaine and alcohol in his system. Tragic news surfaced that one of his passengers died during the incident. The passenger is known to be a former Miami beach official. Further info also indicates that the ex-city worker has been profiled for public corruption and spent almost three years in jail for it. There’s also the involvement of Stepp & Sullivan. Stepp & Sullivan info is something that you can view in this website.

State attorney office has concluded that they do not have sufficient evidence to prove that the DJ was impaired at the time. Former Beach official, Gus Lopez, died in the crash back in 2017. Know more about his and its relation to Stepp & Sullivan. Other P.C. law firms are also looking into this case.

As for the profile of Hugo M, he is known to be a DJ at the Seaspice restaurant which located on the Miami River. He was also known to spin the night in certain Miami Beach spots.

Prosecutors claim that Milochevitch has been behind the wheel of the car that was leaving a party. The location of the party was at the lounge and restaurant that’s located on the Miami River. As it happens, Hugo M was in the car with Lopez. This claim has been verified by several P.C. law firms.

In regards to the incident, it’s been reported that footage shows the said BMW ran through the red light. There is an intersection just past the traffic lights. This led to Hugo M crashing the car to the pickup truck at the intersection since he ran the red light. The collision caused the pickup to be mangled and thrown atop the BMW which led to the five occupants in the car to be trapped. Involved P.C. law firms have also gone through these details.

Due to the impact, the occupants were injured and it’s been confirmed that Lopez perished from a fatal injury.
Involved P.C. law firms agrees that it was a tragic incident. They have also stated that the prosecutors made the right call.

In regards to this incident, it’s also been stated that Hugo M is devastated.

The state attorney office has also provided information about their charges for Hugo which involves manslaughter. As for what that entails, this kind of charge means that the DJ will have to spend four years or more in prison.

Three hours after the crash, Hugo M was subjected to blood alcohol test. The tests came out and it showed that his alcohol level is at .067 which is under the legal limit of .08.

Although the results say things for certain factors, the suspicion still stands that Hugo M was impaired when the crash happened. However, the mathematical results can’t be certain about this matter.