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Points on Health Risk to Fire Fighters

Whenever an accident occurs the first people who will arrive at the scene are firefighters, this work is usually a calling, and they have dedicated their lives in protecting people who are involved in an accident. They are at risk of suffering from different conditions due to their job.

It is quite unfortunate because the job is very risky, and it leads to PTSD. It is very important for firefighters to be educated about mental health. Fighters are usually challenged mentally many at times enduring the Line of Duty their mental state can be affected a lot. Firefighting is not as easy as many people tend to think and this job is quite demanding and needs a lot of dedication on the Fighters part. When someone is under stress this usually affects your mental state, and it also does affect your physical health. Apart from how demanding their job usually is they do find themselves in a situation whereby they are conflicting with their fellow teammates. This affects their mental health, a long period of experiencing stress that lead to depression which is very dangerous. Depression has adverse effects which includes suicide; therefore, it is important for you to know that stress can lead to habits that are dangerous to firefighter like taking high risks during a job.

The number of firefighters who suffer from heart attacks in just one here is overwhelming, and the most scary thing is that they are dying because of this condition. An alarming 45% of death among Fighters is due to a heart attack. It is quite unfortunate because most of these attacks cannot be prevented because they do find themselves exposed to carbon monoxide when trying to bring down fire. If you are a firefighter and engage in the smoking habit you should stand a higher risk of suffering from the health problem. Others who are at a higher risk of suffering from Heart Attack are overweight firefighters who lack physical fitness.

So many firefighters do suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, and a good example is lung problems, and if an asthma. If you do a little bit of research you find that firefighters are at a very high risk of suffering from respiratory diseases, and this is usually caused by them inhaling carbon monoxide while they are on duty. Most people tend to think that the only time that firefighters are at a high risk of suffering from lung illnesses is when the fire contained toxic substances, but this is not true, as long as they smoke, there is a high chance of them suffering from this disease is.