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Learn About Waterjet Cutting
Within the next five years waterjet cutting industry is expected to grow at the rate of eight percent according to market watch. Today, the integration of water with technology is one of the best inventions made by industrialists. It could be that you are wondering how possible it is for water to cut. Here are details about water jet cutting, and you will be able to learn about how it works and everything involved.
It will be important for you to know that the waterjet cutting machine is a tool which is used in cutting so many tools. It works with the concept of high-pressured steam that will erode a line of the material at once. The addition of an abrasive in waterjet cutting will help to increase the power of the machine. The abrasive will be done on the nozzle that will make it easy to switch from the water only to the abrasive waterjet cutting. Note that the main difference between the old cutting machines that could only cut the soft materials and the new ones that can even cut through the titanium. This ensures that the machine is very flexible and thus you will be able to switch from cutting one material to another kind of material within a short period. You ought to know that waterjet cutting is applied in so many ways and there are multiple benefits that it offers.
There are so many different uses of waterjet cutting machine, and it delivers multiple benefits. There are so many materials that can be cut by the waterjet cutting. There are so many benefits that also some with waterjet cutting as indicated below.
One of the reasons as to why waterjet cutting is preferred more than the laser cutting technology is because it doesn’t use the beam of light that causes the material to vaporize or melt. It will be important for you to understand that with last cutting, a beam of light is used and this will melt or even vaporize the material being cut. Where high precision is required, the laser technology cannot be used, and it is not also applicable when it comes to thick materials.
Waterjet cutting is also preferred to the plasma cutting as it offers more benefits. Plasma technology will make use of electricity to heat the stream of gas that is then used in cutting materials which conducts electricity. The plasma technology is faster than the waterjet cutting when it comes to cutting but its quality has proven to be inferiors since it cannot be used in cases where high precision is required and thus the waterjet cutting method wins.

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