How to Save Money While Traveling Abroad

Vacations can be fun, but when families are working with tight budgets, planning for them can also be stressful. Read on to find out how to save money while traveling abroad. Instead of paying unnecessarily high prices, spend those savings on extending the trip or put them away for next year’s vacation.

Be Flexible

The cost of flights varies substantially depending on the season, the day of the week, and even the time of the day. Compare flights on different airlines leaving at different times of the day and try to travel in the off-season.

Get Creative With Routes

Those who don’t mind spending a little extra time getting to their destinations can often save money by using multiple airline carriers or flying in and out from different airports. It’s sometimes possible to save hundreds of dollars by checking all the nearby airports and taking a shuttle to the terminal if the cheapest one is farther away.

Pack Smart

Don’t waste money on unnecessary baggage fees. Instead, pack smart, try to travel light, and make a point of weighing all checked bags prior to heading to the airport to avoid excess baggage charges. Make a point of bringing a solid carry on, since airlines rarely charge for carry-on bags.

Eat and Shop Local

Not only will heading to restaurants and stores that cater to locals instead of tourists save families some money while they travel, but it will also broaden their cultural horizons. No matter where they’re going, travelers will be sure to save some money by heading off the beaten path for food and mementos.

Save on Foreign Currency Exchanges

Keep in mind that most credit and debit cards charge for overseas use. Foreign banks will also charge for cash withdrawals. Avoid these excess charges by taking out larger sums of money or having currency exchanged in advance.

Start Saving Before the Trip Starts

Just getting to the airport can be expensive for those who don’t live on a city bus line. There are plenty of options available for cheaper parking, shared ride vans, and car rentals, though. Those who want to save some money before even getting on the plane can check out a fantastic read on how to save money at the airport.