Great Questions to Ask a Guy to Learn More About Him

When a woman notices a man she would like to get to know better, she may choose to strike up a conversation. The tone of the conversation can provide a great deal of information if the right questions are asked. So women need to know what questions to ask a guy that will provide her with the information she desires while generating interest on his part.


One thing a woman may wish to ask is where he would like to live if he could choose any place in the world. This location could be selected regardless of the person’s job or how much it costs to live there. On a similar note, ask if he could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? It lets the woman know if he likes to travel and explore new places or if he is more of a homebody. Obviously, this topic would need to be expanded on if a relationship develops, but it provides some insight into his life at an initial meeting and isn’t a question that is commonly asked when meeting someone new. It allows the woman to stand out from others he may have met recently.


Ask him if he could date any woman in the world who would he choose and why? This tells the woman a lot about what he looks for in a partner. However, be sure to expand on the topic as the conversation progresses to see if he is making light of it or taking it seriously. For example, a man may wish to say he wants to date Beyonce. Ask what about her attracts him. If he says her looks, he may not be treating the topic as a real conversation matter. On the other hand, if he says it is because she is dedicated to her craft but still seems to make time for her family, it shows balance is important to him in a person’s life.

These are only two ways to learn more about a guy when meeting for the first time. Don’t settle for small talk when there are many great questions that can be asked instead. Think of a few to use the next time you meet a guy you wish to know more about. You’ll be glad you have them ready when you get the opportunity to strike up a conversation.