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Egyptian costume_ what to wear in Egypt?

Egyptian costume_ what to wear in Egypt?

Are you planning to make a trip to Egypt and also curious about your Egyptian costume? You should be…

Egypt is an ancient country lubricated with its old history and most famous tourist’s place for adventures too. As well as it’s a wonderful country it has hot climate too. Although, the main thing is not to consider its climate, it is the combination of hot climate with Egyptian costume. As being the Muslim country or Muslim culture it is little difficult to decide about clothing for travel especially in warm weather.

Most of the visitors asking about this question frequently that “what to wear in Egypt?” according to Egyptian costume for women is considered conservatively the other countries such as western code of dressing and it’ll be honored to obey this code. But for men, it’s not an issue. They can wear normal clothes but at some of the specific places they need to consider their dressing too.

Wondering! what to wear in Egypt

First of all, consider which spot ...