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Don’t just play solitaire, enjoy solitaire

Some people love to curl up with a good book when they have the time. Others love to <a href="”>play solitaire and spend endless hours at their computer doing so. This short guide will help those who may be thinking of taking up solitaire and hopefully let them get started.

On the majority of solitaire games online, the high card is a King and the low card is an Ace. The order of the cards in foundations will see the first card is always an Ace and the last is a King. To play online games such as cards or solitaire, a user makes movements by simply clicking the left and right buttons of their mouse. For instance, if a player clicks on an Ace with the right button the computer will then move it to the foundation. From there, players continue to collect a stack in the foundation, ranging from two to King.

If a player has a chance to move cards between columns they can attempt to do so by holding the left mouse button...