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Being creative has nothing to do with age because we have seen very little kinds coming up with great innovations that have enabled them to get sponsorship to run their businesses in various parts of the world with most of them owning their own companies. A successful mind has nothing to do with age, and now many people are aware as they can see great innovations and companies owned by kids. The list of kids below demonstrates that anyone can make a change only if given a chance to create an idea and make it a reality.

Kid president is one of the favorites although he is not an entrepreneur, but he has been able to make a lot of money. This young kid invested in creating videos on YouTube where people can view them and get charged. The kid president comes from a family that is very supportive, and it believes that nothing under the sun is impossible, and in this way the president made it.

Noa Mintz was just twelve when she founded the Noa’s nannies after she saw their need in the city she lives of New York and Hampton. After seeing how her parents were suffering, she decided to help them as small as she was and in the process, a company emerged that was Centered at the child care in New York and its surrounding.

Robert Nay saw an opportunity because there were few games app and therefore he came up with a bubble ball which attracted many people as within one week millions of people had played that game. This kid wrote to 24 levels, and the most amazing thing is that he learned and wrote these codes in one month. What makes Robert an entrepreneur is that you can sell ads on his game and he is now working for another game app.

It is very painful to see someone suffering, and you can do nothing about it, but for Lily, she decided to make a lighter cup from plastic that her grandfather could hold. Now she owns a company that kangaroo cup which was made out of a suffering grandfather is the main product.

Her main aim was to save the dying bees, and therefore she added local honey to her grandmother’s flaxseed lemonade to make their food and she was sponsored by Shark Tank to start her own company.

Every kid is interested in sweets but Alina a seven-year-old kid knew that sweets could bring health problems, but fruits are okay so she made zillipops from flavored fruit juice only without sugar. From this article we can see clearly that people are born with the ability to think and if we use our brains well we can make investments at a young age.