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Risks Factors That Cause Cancer in the Body and Ways of Prevention

The scientist is learning the best way of prevention for they can know how it develops and it causes. There are best ways that you can prevent cancer by learning on the potential risks and learn on how to avoid them to be on the safe side, there are risk factors that cause cancer in the body this include.

There is the risk factor of infection. Some of the pathogens may interfere with how the cell signal in the process of the growth; thus, this leads to alteration on the genes that lead to cancer. The suppression in the human body leads to cancer for this infection inhibits the body from detecting and eliminating the cancer cells.

There is the potential risk of immunosuppression. The immunosuppression is the reduction of the activities of the immune system in the body, this may occur due to certain treatments or induced to help in treatments roundup lawsuit.

There is a threat risk of reproductive hormones. There is research that shows that a long exposure of the female hormones in high doses can lead to breast and endometrial cancer.

There is the potential risk of the inflammation that causes cancer roundup lawsuit. The chronic inflammation can lead to unchecked cell growth or even mutation that lead to cancer and this is due to the resilient infections that cause it.

There is a threat risk of sunlight. The artificial sources are the nail drying lamps, sun lamps or tanning beds. You have to avoid exposing your skin to the strong UV light for a long time to prevent the mutation if the cells that lead to skin cancer.

There is the risk factor of carcinogens. There are carcinogens that are hard to protect oneself from the as the natural environment like the air soil and water roundup lawsuit. Avoid the air that is contaminated with carcinogens for this increase the chance of getting the cancer disease.

There is a potential risk of obesity. There are health risks that are associated with obesity such as the respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer that leads to more risks factors.

There is the potential risk of choice of diet. You need to watch out what you eat for it has a big effect on increasing or decreasing the chances of having cancer roundup lawsuit.

Moreover, alcohol and tobacco is also a great risk factor that leads to cancer in the body.