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Motivations for Praying

As Christians, there are foundations that must be built right from the very beginning. The foundations are very important and God created them as a means of your growth and as a way of knowing Him more and that is why building the right foundations are very important. For example, reading the word of God, but also praying is very important. Very many people find it hard to pray because the things of God and never easy but it is necessary to ensure you are doing it whatever way possible. Discussed more below are some of the reasons you should ensure you are praying daily.

The reason why you should motivate yourself to pray deal is that there are many benefits including mental benefits. Prayer always has a similar effect such as meditation and yoga. This is why you hear that people say that prayer can actually increase your gratitude and kindness to others, especially if you do it in a support group. It means that if you do a corporate prayer, for instance, you are likely to increase your gratitude and kindness to other people. Studies that were done in 2009 found out that people in offices that prayed constantly experienced lower depression and anxiety symptoms. It is also appropriate that you are able to understand your heart but you are also able to understand God fully.

You should also learn how to pray with scriptures because that way you can pray confidently. This is the Scripture is the mind of God that is meant to help you at the moment you start praying the mind of God it helps you gain a lot of confidence even in what you are praying. Therefore, the moment you start using Scriptures in your prayers, you will notice that after that you will face strong and you don’t have to worry about very many other things. If you are not very sure on where to start when it comes to praying with scriptures, there is a lot you can learn from different commentaries and what other people have been doing you can check out these prayers. Apart from using the Scriptures, you need to know that prayer allows you to speak directly to God. It is always important to share with others what you feel and what you need, but speaking to God directly brings more comfort. As you will hand, even Jesus prayed and that should be your motivation that God hears your prayers. There is a proof of Jesus praying in the Bible and you can look at it in the Scriptures.